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Proviron 25 - Odin Pharma

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Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient:Mesterolone
Pack:100 Tabs x 25 Mg

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Odin Provirodin (formerly known as Odin Proviron) is a powerful hormonal supplement for those who want to maximize their potential. Each tablet contains 25mg of Mesterolone, a powerful, yet safe ingredient specifically designed to help elevate the effectiveness of testosterone. This can increase potency and bring about a more muscular and defined look. Not only will it enhance your current testosterone levels, but also it helps prevent the build-up of estrogen by binding to the aromatase enzyme and keeping it from intertwining with other ingredients. You don’t have to worry about unwanted side effects either - this product is perfectly safe and effective when used in the recommended dosage. ODIN Provirodin is packed in 30 tablets x 20mg per pack, allowing you to get weeks of use out of each container. Take advantage of this helpful hormone-boosting tool and unlock your true strength today with Odin Proviron!

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