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Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient: Methandienone
Pack:  10 x (60 Tabs x 10 Mg)

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10x Packs Dbol Deal

Why is Dianabol so popular?

Why wouldn’t it be?

It is the fastest acting mass building steroid in the world. No other steroid can give you up to 20 lbs. of mass gain in just 6-8-weeks.

If you aren’t too hung up over aesthetics and don’t mind a little fat and water, you can gain up to 30 lbs. within this time.

To top it off, it makes you strong. We are talking Hulk-like strong.

That’s why many powerlifters swear by Dbol. It makes them incredibly strong and extremely big in just the right amount of time for their competitions.

They aren’t bothered about some short term water retention or how rotund they appear. Strength is what wins them competitions and the bigger they are, the stronger they get.

Dianabol is the perfect steroid for such situations.

Don’t forget the god-like feeling that it gives you. Many steroids make you big and strong but mess you up between the ears.

Dianabol is the opposite. It makes you feel like a lion stepping into a cage full of gazelles.

But it’s not merely limited to the effectiveness alone.

Dianabol is easy to use as compared to Testosterone. It is an oral steroid and rarely faked. So chances are that you can easily find a supplier offering Pharma-grade stuff for cheap prices.

The only possible quibble that someone could find with it is that it needs to be dosed multiple times a day due to the very short half-life.

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